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Hotel Sahil Plaza Dharamshala Reviews

Hotel Sahil Plaza Dharamshala Dalai Lama Temple,Reviews Dharamshala, Himachalpradesh

Hotel information of Hotel Sahil Plaza, Dharamshala Book Hotel Sahil Plaza Dharamshala from Hotel Sahil Plaza Dharamshala Website Reviews

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Tripadvisor voyager rating: (focused around 13 audits)

Surveys from Tripadvisor:

“Can’t suggest”

by Claudia G on 2014-03-21t08:53:05-04:00 from Forres, United Kingdom

Client Rating : 1/5

We went to this lodging as a gathering. Of the eight parts of our gathering two had “sensible” rooms. A while later we suspected that perhaps these were the rooms indicated to Tripadvisor.the rest of us had terrible encounters, for example, fittings liquefied into the divider attachments, inexactly hanging night lights, sodden and mold, water splashing out of the shower heads, hair in the sinks, filthy shoes left in the room, a tooth brush in the lavatory covered in toothpaste, frightening little things in the overnight boardinghouses sheets and pads all around. When we whined to the chief he was not decent. He even had the dauntlessness to yell and attempt at fault us. One of the women in our gathering was so stunned about the room she was offered (no windows) she said she was leaving the hotel at 11 pm because of the trouble she had been brought on, the chief then said he would charge her for the room. We all were not awed – so sidestep this lodging and make a huge round around it! I will include a few photographs asap.

“Must have gone down slope”

by Jeebus H on 2013-07-22t07:00:14-04:00 from Glasgow, United Kingdom

Client Rating : 3/5

Sahil Plaza was the first lodging I stayed in on my first visit to India. I recollect supposing it was alright, considering the value; later into my 6 month outing, I understood that in any case I had my western head on! To be reasonable, the room was open with great perspectives, the area was incredible, I discovered the staff agreeable and supportive (once they got to know me – I used a month there) and the room was not spotless yet sufficiently clean. I stayed throughout August/September 2010 and there was constantly high temp water accessible for a shower consistently, morning and night, so things must have changed given the negative remarks on here. The towels in the room were not changed regularly, however I had a tendency to simply purchase one from the stalls outside when I needed one – they were unfathomably shabby, and the Tibetan woman I purchased from was extremely thankful for the business (in spite of the fact that she did anticipate that me will purchase one EVERY time she saw me.)i never attempted the sustenance yet I used to have a beverage of Old Monk (nearby rum) with Jaz every night. I thought he was the chief, however he was a more established fellow left set up to guarantee the more youthful parts of staff did what they were there to do. I figured out who the supervisor was the point at which he strolled in one night and recommended to Jaz and I that we ought to lounge around the bend and outside of anyone’s ability to see of whatever remains of the staff in light of the fact that we were “a terrible sample to the junior”! Only for your investment – we were just having a calm rum and coke and a discussion together before I resigned to couch for the night and, in spite of the fact that the hotel did not have a bar, they were upbeat to send somebody out to get me a flask or two of Kingfisher on the off chance that I was searching for a cool lager. To be reasonable, the staff were very youthful and they all needed to take the time to converse with me on the grounds that I had voyage reasonably generally and they needed to think about my encounters – it is possible that they could be affected into feeling that liquor is worth trying.when I came back to Mcleod Ganj (Christmas/New Year), I met Jaz in Bhagsu where he had been moved to an alternate lodging. He did let me know that the two most youthful young men who worked in the hotel – two siblings – left one day and never returned, apparently, they had gone home to their gang. They were the ones who did the greater part of all work that required done the extent that I could see while whatever remains of the youngish staff were an unhurried and vacant vicinity (you know how it might be in India in some cases) – maybe these little changes permitted things to crumble. I don’t paramount point for me, given numerous different encounters I had throughout my time in India: I had tallied up to the definite rupee what my stay would cost when I went to look at and I had the careful figure in my grasp to pay for the sit tight. I had perused online and in manuals that it was normal practice for inns to set up two charges, the higher of which would be given to you and the genuine one held for the inn, the additional going into somebody’s pocket. The bill was right on the money, to the rupee and the trustworthiness was acknowledged, given what I had perused and heard and later accomplished for myself.when I came back to Mcleod, I stayed in Loling Guest House off Tipa Road. It is the most fundamental convenience I have ever stayed in anyplace, however it was a standout amongst the most charming remains as such have ever had anyplace (the extent that the settlement is concerned). It is joined with the Loseling cloister and the friars that ran it were benevolent and exceptionally euphoric to leave the entryway open and opened for my normal late returns. When I stayed in Hotel Tibet (at five times the cost of Loling) I was normally welcomed with a holler of “Goodness my God!” when I woke up the night specialist on my come back from the bar I was in – I’m just discussing a return in the middle of midnight and 1am, not farfetched to anticipate that the hotel still will be open around then I think, particularly since their own particular bar shut at 11pm and the night orderly is precisely that – a chaperon, set up through the night!one other thing to consider – a prior audit remarked on the building site outside the front of the Hotel Sahil Plaza. This was begun while I was there and is to be the multi-story auto park for the sanctuary adjacent. Sanctuary Road is as of now occupied from at a young hour in the morning until well into the night and with the new auto stop that may mean it could get much busier and noisier, particularly with the inclination for drivers in India to persistently “Horn please” more regularly than they squint throughout the normal adventure! There was additionally a crevice site up the slope from the lodging that they had started to fill in, evidently in readiness for development on the site – likely more interruption ahead.

“Sahil Plaza – Where is the administration”

by ankush777 on 2013-06-24t08:02:07-04:00 from New Delhi, India

Client Rating : 2/5

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